2016 Top Cloud Accounting Blogs

Accounting BlogsBlake Oliver recently published a great blogpost called the “12 Best Cloud Accounting Blogs of 2016.” It’s a good read! There were a couple on there that we hadn’t followed previously that we’re definitely going to need to check out.

A couple really fun things about this article:

  1. Our good friend and Favorite Nerd, Seth David, made the list with his fantastic blog at SethDavid.com. Congrats, Seth!
  2. The Accountex Report is listed at the very top, and for the example used of awesome bloggyness, Ingrid’s article on “The Importance of Redefining Bookkeeper” is the one listed.

We are very excited and hope you enjoy sharing in our nerdy bookkeeper blog-love.

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  1. Wow! What a great resource to hook us up with, and congratulations on being mentioned in this article.

    My question for Polymath is: What are your favorite blogs of 2016 and why? Did you disagree with any of the mentions in the article, or were they all super duper winners? Which blogs would you add to his list?

    Interested people want to know! Whoo-hoo!

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