More than just bookkeepers...

Polymath helps small businesses with their bookkeeping, business strategy, and profit planning.

The Polymath vision is to make the world a better place, built on a foundation of thriving small businesses.  We fulfill our mission in three ways:

  • Nurture - We educate business owners to lead healthy businesses with healthy, happy teams.
  • Connect - We partner in collaborative relationships as trusted advisor on the journey to fulfillment, success, and profit.
  • Manifest - We train others in our professional community on how to redefine our industry and raise the bar, thus helping more businesses all over the world.

Our purpose is to Empower Your Passion.



Meet our Team

What is a Polymath?

A dictionary definition…





noun    1. a person of great and varied learning; 2. a person of learning in several fields of study; polyhistor.; 3. a renaissance person; 4. Someone skilled in a variety of tasks in order to make the work of others easier.

… A weight off your shoulders.

Origin: 1615–25; < Gk polymaths learned, having learned much, equiv. to poly- poly- + -mathēs, adj. deriv. of manthánein to learn

Related forms: pol⋅y⋅math⋅ic, adjective


How Polymath Began:

Ingrid Edstrom started Polymath, LLC in 2008 with the intention to provide high quality and much needed services to struggling local businesses. Polymath really enjoys helping others by doing something they love, and, believe it or not, they really love bookkeeping. Since then, Polymath has been growing and refining itself, and Ingrid and Vanessa look forward to training and welcoming some new bookkeepers to their team!

News and Testimonials

What our clients have to say about us

  • It turns out we didn’t hire a bookkeeper.
    "It turns out we didn't hire a bookkeeper. We hired a shamanic witch-priestess to perform an exorcism and resurrection on our dying company." -- Forest Schrodt, Liquid Fire Mantra

    Forest Schrodt

  • Now we are saving tons of money.
    "Our homeowner's association used to go through an expensive property management service. Now we are saving tons of money, and all of our finances are handled perfectly and on time! Reports are straight-forward, so we know where our money is going at each homeowner meeting. They even prepare the annual tax reports for our accountant and delivers them for us, saving us a substantial amount of money on taxes as well. I highly recommend Polymath for any of your bookkeeping needs." Darelle Cavan President- Park Place Homeowner's Association

    Darelle Cavan

  • What’s the risk? Meet Polymath!
    I love that a local professional has the confidence and foresight to offer an hour of free consultation with prospective clients that need to determine whether outsourcing bookkeeping is for them or not. They have processes that allow professionals to specialize in what they do... THEIR profession, leaving the books to Polymath, THEIR profession. Don't be an apple trying to be an orange, work your craft and let them work theirs. Thank you Polymath!

    Russ Schweikert