QuickBooks Online – Change Payee on Multiple Transactions

Added Feature Allows User to Change Payee on Multiple Transactions

When looking at your downloaded transactions have you ever wanted to enter a payee and a category for more than one transaction?  Well, QuickBooks’ most recent update has enhanced the modify feature to give you the ability to do just that.  If you are already using this tool to update multiple categories, you will be happy to see that you can now change the payee on multiple transactions as well.  This is especially time saving for commonly processed transactions that can be batch edited.

How to Change Payee on Multiple Transactions

From within the banking window select all the the transactions you wish to edit.  Above the transactions, click on Batch actions, and select Modify selected.

Change Payee on Multiple Transactions


In the pop up window, select the payee and category that is appropriate for these transactions, and hit apply.  Now all the selected transactions have been updated.

Change Payee on Multiple Transactions


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  1. My company sends email money transfers to various suppliers and the description in QB is always “E Tfr C”. When I change ONE payee, it changes all payees with the same description! This is very frustrating! Can someone help?

    1. Post

      Hi Charles,
      Thanks for your great question! You are not the only one experiencing this frustration. The downloaded transactions tools in QuickBooks do so much to save us time on our data entry, yet sometimes they help almost a little too much. These tools are tricky for QuickBooks to program because they need to read data from hundreds of banks, and all of the banks list information on their statements in slightly different ways.
      Recently QuickBooks added a great “Rules” feature to teach the program how you want transactions categorized. You may be able to use this feature to tell QuickBooks that you want those transactions to remain uncategorized with no payee so that you can assign them manually. You can watch a quick video to learn more about it on the QuickBooks Online Blog: http://quickbooks.intuit.com/blog/quickbooks-bank-rules/

      If that doesn’t quite work out for you, here are a couple more things to try:
      1. If you have a lot of transactions to enter, it may be worthwhile to use an import app to enter them into QuickBooks as expenses before doing your online banking. If they are already entered, the online banking tools will find matches for them rather than guessing at payee and account.
      2. We have watched QuickBooks Online make leaps and bounds in their features just over the past year, and that progress would not be possible without suggestions from wonderful businesses, like yours. To make a suggestion, click on the Cog/Wheel icon in the upper-right corner of your QBO screen, and click on the Feedback button under the Your Company menu.

      Thanks again for your great question!
      -Ingrid and the Polymath Team

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