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butterflyQuickBooks Online is going through some big changes. Some of these changes are AWESOME, others are going to take a bit of getting used to, and a handful are likely to change back as the programmers receive feedback from users like you.  Keep in mind that your feedback is essential to this process, and that most of these changes are happening because there was a call for them.  By sending your ideas about these changes to QuickBooks Online, you can help to shape this new “Harmony” version of QuickBooks into what YOU and your business really need it to be.

Here is some more info about this from Intuit (in italics).  Continue reading after their piece for my current ideas.  Together we can turn this into something great.

QuickBooks Online Upgrade For Existing QuickBooks Online Clients

We recently launched a new version of QuickBooks Online for new QuickBooks Online companies. Existing QuickBooks Online companies will be upgraded over the next several months. As a ProAdvisor, you can choose to upgrade all your QuickBooks Online clients early. The new version includes several enhancements:

• Faster load times and deeper integration

• Simplified navigation that helps you find information in fewer clicks

• Streamlined design to help you be more productive

Now back to my blog… It is not my intention to rant.  I LOVE QuickBooks Online, and the new Harmony version is no exception. (Just like I still love my cat even after she pukes on the rug.)  Nonetheless, I feel the need to call a spade a spade.  Only by being aware of the issues can we offer QuickBooks the feedback they need to improve these tools for us.

I am a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. I have Beta tested numerous QB products, including the original “Classic” QB Online Accountant program. The Beta test for the new QuickBooks “Harmony” layout was not available to us, and I’m not sure they actually field tested it at all. I am a bit shocked that they would make such huge changes without asking for proper feedback, and they launched the program without working out the kinks. We will let you know when those kinks are worked out. Until then, stick with the Classic version as long as they will let you.

Have you noticed that Polymath has a new website?  This is primarily due to the new changes to QuickBooks Online.  There are two pieces of the old QBO that have been eliminated from the Harmony version that I feel are absolutely essential to most of my clients, at least when first starting out:

clickmap1. The Click Map – This is the flow chart showing the order of events for money as it flows in and out of your business.  It is also one of the few things in QBO that looks anything like the desktop version, which many of you have used in the past.  The layout of the new interface makes very little sense, and the left-side menu is just the start. Try making a bank deposit, for example. It’s not under “Banking” or “Transactions.” You need to click the little + sign, then click to see more options, then it is under “Other.” This is one of the most commonly used tools in the program, and it is now very difficult to find. I plan to nag them until they give the Click Map back to you.  See how much I love you!

2. Video Tutorials – They have gotten rid of the very important video tutorials on how to create the basic transactions. Many new users of QB products need a simple visual interface in order to remember what they are supposed to do next and find their way around. The only videos currently available on QBO Harmony are basically sales pitches trying to get you to sign up for credit card processing, payroll, etc.  The help menus are still being compiled, and I know that some of you are visual learners who really need to see it happening rather than reading it. (Welcome to Ashland, Oregon; land of artists and actors.)  This is why I re-did my entire website.  They took away your videos, and we are going to make you some new ones!  Polymath.com will soon be your go-to for how to navigate some of these questions.  See how much I love you!

Right now, I am suggesting that all of my clients using the Classic version of QuickBooks Online should stay with the old version as long as you are permitted to do so.  That will help ensure that some of the issues get fixed before you’re thrown into this new layout. The needs of your business must come first when it comes to your financial software.  We will always do what we can to ensure that you have the best fit for your needs moving forward. Just keep in mind that the best fit will occasionally take a little growing-into.

To sum up, if Intuit is still wanting to reach an audience of starting business owners with products that are supposed to be Intuit-ive, they really need to do a bit more work on this product. They are doing just that, but it is going to take a little time. For right now, existing users are much better off sticking with the “Classic” version until all of the major issues are fully addressed.  In the mean time, you can come to Polymath.com for some guidance, post your questions on Penny’s Corner, and send Intuit your feedback to ensure that this program becomes everything that it really needs to be for your business. 

Happy Bookkeeping!

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  2. With this upgrade did they cancel your subscription?? i recently was canceled with zero notice and cant seem to renew anywhere. It made me create a new account and transfer my old account. but says can take up to 45 days. However, my original account says it will be deleted on August 30! so annoyed. I’ve used QB online for 2.5 years with zero issues till now. Now I cant even do what i need to do for taxes or send invoices or keep up with anything. my entire business is in my oirginal.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Rachel! This blog post is from 2014, so I doubt that the changes we wrote about here is pertinent to the issues you are experiencing now in 2020. I recommend contacting QBO customer support to see if they can tell you what happened with your canceled account. That is very strange that they canceled it with no warning. Best of luck!

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