Choice – The Foundation of Time Management

choice.previewI recently had the opportunity to partake in a wonderful presentation on time management by Jayne Donnelly of Altus Effect Coaching. She is an Ashland local and a business coach that can help a business owner through a variety of roadblocks, whether those blocks be mental, financial, or system related. Check out her website here.

In Jayne’s presentation, cleverly titled “Time and Punishment,” she touches on a variety of common misconceptions that can lead to stressful situations. Throughout the presentation there is a very important foundation theme: Choice. This simple idea extends far past time management. It is the fundamental building block of each of our lives.

Every moment of every day brings choices, and every choice has consequences. If I choose to take a drink of water right now… I need to stop typing. The result is that a little bit more time flies away, but ultimately that is worthwhile to me for the greater gain of hydration.

Of course, some choices are much bigger than others. Some choices may seem small in one moment, but turn out to be pivotal in the grand scheme. In her “Time and Punishment” presentation, Jayne focused on the distractions that can steal our attention for even brief periods, and noted how these little things can add up. In business finance, every dollar we spend is a choice. Planning a budget ahead of time is a choice. Reviewing financial reports on a regular basis is a choice. What people often neglect to notice is that not choosing is also a choice.

By putting off the decision to get on top of the business finances, a business owner is making the active choice to have a business that is less healthy than it would be otherwise. Money likes attention, and the things that we pay attention to are the things that flourish in our lives.

Ask yourself: Am I making a choice RIGHT NOW that furthers my goals?

Focus on a clear path and strive to move forward. Set goals, and also set benchmarks by which you can measure the progress to your goal. If you need assistance with any of this, there are resources available. You just need to choose to use them. Don’t put it off any longer.

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