Take Control of Your Business

Who is in control?

If you have ever sat down with Polymath for an initial consultation you have likely heard us say “you’re holding the keys, you’re driving the bus.”  If you haven’t had a meeting with us, what that means is that we want every business owner to be in control of their own business.

We encourage our clients to own their business information and have the ability to make their own informed decisions.  This also discourages business owners from letting someone else run their business.  When meeting with a new bookkeeper, the goal should be to delegate from a place of knowledge and power not to abdicate control of your business.

Why do you care?

As professional bookkeepers, we get to see the good and the bad of the work that other professionals do.  We have had far too many business owners come to us with their QuickBooks file on a thumb drive.  Their bookkeeper quit without warning, gave them a file they had never seen, and they may not even own the software to open the file.  This is a situation that, ethically, we would like to never see again.  Part of the reason we are members of the Southern Oregon Bookkeepers Association is to have a hand in improving the overall industry standards of bookkeeping.

Think to yourself now, what would happen if your bookkeeper moved to Tahiti tomorrow?  Can you access your books?  Can you run payroll?  Will you be able to write checks for expenses?  What parts of your business is your bookkeeper currently responsible for and what is your backup plan?  Some of the answers to these questions might be scary or stressful, but if you think about it now you will make sure your business will keep moving even without a key player.

What is Polymath doing about it?

Data ownership and control are some of the reasons we have so many clients using QuickBooks Online.  (For more information on the reasons we made this choice check out our blog on 5 Reasons to Switch to QuickBooks Online.)  We want to make sure that you always have access to your books, even if you can’t always have access to your bookkeeper.  We want to make sure that the business owner is engaged in their business and can run reports at 2am if they have a question.

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