Troubleshooting Emailing QuickBooks Invoices

Emailing QuickBooks Invoices

Photo Credit: Jonathon Narvey

Hey QuickBooks fans!  We’ve been noticing ourselves and receiving reports from our clients that when emailing QuickBooks invoices and reports from within QuickBooks Online the emails have been getting caught in spam filters.  This issue is because an update was made so that when emailing QuickBooks invoices they are being sent with a return address of rather than the sender’s actual address or the company’s address.If you have encountered an issue emailing QuickBooks invoices, be sure to report it to QuickBooks using their Feedback Tool.  In the mean time you can request that all of the people who receive invoices from you add to their address book, but that’s probably not a realistic solution for most of us.Being aware of the problem is half the battle!  Our clients have wondered why they aren’t being paid and were very relieved to discover that the invoices are just not getting through.  If you have noticed a drop off in payments it is a good idea to check in with your customers.  We are all very dependent on emailing QuickBooks invoices so lets all make sure that QuickBooks resolves this issue quickly.

If you need a reminder on how to use the Feedback Tool, check out our blog on that topic by clicking HERE.

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