Employee Gift Card Rewards?

We often hear from clients who want to offer cash bonuses, gift cards, and other appreciation and incentives to their employees. Generally we advise them to take caution in this, and to be sure to ask their tax accountant for tax compliant procedures. Our friends at Mammoth HR up in Portland have published a great blog on this very topic!

Please check out “Ask A Pro: Can we give employees gift cards?” It is the most easily understood and straightforward answer I have seen to this complicated question.

While you’re at it, you can visit Mammoth HR’s website to learn more about their fantastic HR services. Whether you choose their Guide plan or their Partner plan, you can save 10% on your employee services with them by entering the code “POLYMATH10” as you check out on their website. We love having HR pros on our team!

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  1. Great article! Its such a bummer about gift cards being cash equivalents. A cool way to give back to employees is to check out the possibilities for college scholarships for employee children. In some cases, these are tax free.

    What’s the favorite appreciation gift around the Polymath offices?

    1. Post

      As an employee-owned company using the ProfitFirst system, everyone on our team receives a profit-share distribution at the end of each quarter. We also have a wellness plan, which reimburses us for our health insurance, pays for gym membership, and covers our JuicePlus+ supplements. Our team members also get to take advantage of education can personal growth opportunities.

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