empower your passion

Empower Your Passion

Are you living “the dream?” How about YOUR dream? Do you know what your dream is? If not, how do you get there? How can you empower your passion?

empower your passionWe’re going to help you figure out how to empower your passion.

I’m Ingrid Edstrom, President and CEO of Polymath, LLC.

Those names and titles may sound all sorts of shiny on the screen, when you don’t know what those things really are. It’s easy to get intimidated by the things we don’t understand and put people on some sort of pedestal because of the alphabet soup that follows them around.

It’s my job to get rid of intimidation and fear of the unknown, so that you can feel empowered to climb this beautiful mountain we call “business.” We do this the way we do everything in life, one step at a time. You want a title? It’s yours for the taking, along with anything else you can dream up for yourself. What do Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Walt Disney have in common? They’re human, just like you and me. They followed their passion to do big things, and so can we.

Let me break down for you, how I’ve empowered my passion.

Polymath, LLC is a tiny bookkeeping firm in Ashland, Oregon. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the not-Portland areas of the state between Washington and California on the left-coast, Ashland is about 15 miles north of Cali on I-5. It’s a town of about 20,000 people, and is home to numerous vineyards, micro breweries, and even the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. To sum up, we are a tiny, employee-owned bookkeeping firm in a small town in rural Oregon.

That being said, our tiny bookkeeping firm is doing big things. We’ve learned and applied what it means to Empower Your Passion. We lead our local Woodard Group, supporting other accounting professionals in building their businesses. In 2015 we were recognized by winning 3rd place in the Intuit Firm of the Future Contest. We were named one of Hubdoc’s Top 50 Cloud Accountant’s of 2015. We are teaching classes and speaking at events. We’re writing articles for cool online publications. We’ve even created a puppet show called Ask A Bookkeeper, where you can learn about why bookkeeping is so freaking cool.

Why do we do all of this? Polymath’s vision is to make the world a better place, built on a foundation of thriving small businesses. Picture a world where everyone you know is doing what they love and loving what they do. Picture a world where we truly vote with our dollars, supporting and being supported by the people, products, and services that make us happy and fulfilled. By helping our small businesses thrive, we create jobs, improve our local economies, and get to live in healthier communities. That makes everyone happier, and when the people around us are happy, we’re happy. This is the world where everyone knows what I mean when I say, “Empower Your Passion.”

At Polymath, we do this in three ways:

  • Nurture – We educate business owners to lead healthy businesses with healthy, happy teams.
  • Connect – We partner in collaborative relationships as trusted advisor on the journey to fulfillment, success, and profit.
  • Manifest – We train others in our professional community on how to redefine our industry and raise the bar, thus helping more businesses all over the world.

I’ve found that the BIGGER I dream, the more people I can help. In this process, I’ve learned some pretty cool tricks for getting me out of my own way. I think that some of those tricks might help you, and I want to help you. Polymath’s purpose is to Empower Your Passion. This really is my job, and I love it.

In our blog on Polymath.com, we get real and play with some of the juicy pain-points of business ownership. We do regular vet-checks on the elephant in the living room, not just pointing them out, but looking behind those huge ears for hidden nuances and pitfalls. This is the spot for the success-is-messy, building-the-plane-as-we-fly-it, trust-and-leap, real life business. We don’t do this because it’s easy. We do this because we’re hooked. We do it because, once you know what you want to do, it can be hard to do anything else.

Empower your passion, and the rewards will follow.

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