Why every business needs a professional bookkeeper… and other laundry stories

I was having a fantastic lunch with a colleague and friend a few weeks ago, and I got a great opportunity to reflect upon my profession when he said, “Having an outside professional  bookkeeper is kind of a luxury. I mean, no one NEEDS one, right?”

I thought about it a bit, and I was rather pleased with the analogy I came up with.

A professional bookkeeper is a luxury to a business like having a washer and dryer is a luxury to a home. You certainly can go without, but your clothes need to get clean one way or another before you end up in an embarrassing or costly situation.

By not having the washer and dryer you end up spending a great deal more of your personal time doing things that you would rather not be doing. It may cost less on a week-to-week basis, but how much money would you save in the long term, both in time and quarters, by having the correct tools and assistance to really fit your needs.

There is also the question of quality. Are the machines at the laundromat in good repair? What if the dryer gets too hot and wears out all of your elastic? What if the person who used that washer before you was cleaning something that was REALLY THAT RED. Can you afford to have your clothes not cleaned property, or worse, ruined by improper care?

Then there is that really nice person that you always talk with while you’re there. You want to trust them, but you think they might have stolen your shirt while your back was turned. It’s always the ones you trust the most.

By using a professional bookkeeper, you as a business owner are able to dedicate a lot more time to doing what you love: running your business. In doing so, the business becomes more profitable. You also have a a professional at your fingertips, ensuring the best quality, correct information, and important advice and oversight for fraud and other pitfalls.

Next time you have someone ask you how you can afford to have a professional bookkeeper on your team, ask them how they can afford not to.


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