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Paper-based expense systems are seemingly straightforward, but hidden costs like non-compliance, human error, and the inefficient allocation of employees’ time belie the resource-intensive burden of manual expense reporting and reconciliation. While expenses are an important part of every business, chances are they’re not something you want to spend your time on.”

Have you ever wondered what to do with receipts? Do you ever fumble getting credit card transactions into the right place so you can stay current on accounting activity? What about making sure your employees track their expenses in a way that makes sense? Expensify makes it easy and fun to capture and report on day-to-day expenses. Not to mention that for a business owner, it’s a great solution for empowering employees in their purchase and reporting activities.

Some businesses are directly related to “expense agony”. Here’s where you might recognize a few.

Excel Users Should Consider Switching to Expensify!

If you’re still using Excel for your expense reports then you know well, the headache that comes from the user experience. Expensify gives you expense reports that “don’t suck”, and has considered the person running those reports with a user-friendly experience. Are you the person carrying crumpled receipts around until you can make it back to the office where you’ll painstakingly enter those expenses into a spreadsheet? No more! You can scan those receipts with Expensify and save yourself a great deal of time and money. Save yourself additional time from doing secondary entries with integrations to Quickbooks and many other accounting programs.

Expense Reports that Don’t Suck!

Some of the best ideas come from solving a problem. Expensify began as a solution to a very real problem, most often encountered by business professionals who were given the task of providing detailed and comprehensive expense reports. The company slogan “Expense Reports that Don’t Suck!” speaks to the pain and frustration that you have felt, and perhaps still feeling. Look no further for a solution because with Expensify you are reaping the rewards from those who have felt it too. They’ve been in your shoes and have already built the solution.

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