Frequently Asked Questons

Polymath is a virtual and paperless firm. While we have an office, it’s generally best to schedule with us by phone or email rather than dropping by. Our standard hours are from 9-5 Monday through Thursday by appointment only, and we are closed most holidays. Sometimes we close for lunch, and sometimes we love our work so much we might send an email at an obscure hour. That is part of the beauty of being an entrepreneur! If we are not currently available and you have a question, you can leave a voice-mail or send us an email and someone will get back to you the next business day. Contact Us Here.

Email is generally the best way to correspond with us, as it avoids phone-tag and we generally see it within one business day, even when working remotely. If you have a time-sensitive concern, please call our office. If we happen to be available at that moment, it’s best to address your question immediately rather than waiting. Visit our Contact Us page for all the juicy details.

For scheduled meetings we love using Zoom, our online video meeting room. This allows us to see each other’s smiling faces and share a computer screen from anywhere in the world! 

Our office does not use text or Skype. Phone and email only, please.

The short answer is: Don’t drop them off.

We have apps for that!

We use great online solutions such as FileThis and HubDoc to securely retrieve and exchange important documents, ensuring that your sensitive information is safe, saving time for you and for us, and saving a ton of trees as well.

We setup all of our existing clients on a pre-paid ACH transfer directly from your bank account. This is a win-win! You will never be hit with a surprise bill and you do not have to worry about writing and mailing us checks.

All scheduled meetings are a 1 hour minimum, whether in our office, on the phone, or over Zoom. All current packages include unlimited phone and email support within the scope of our agreement. Feel free to Contact Us any time, and we will respond as availability permits, generally within 1 business day.

Every business is different, and project times and complexity can vary widely based on a large variety of circumstances. We cannot give an estimate for maintenance without going through each step of the onboarding process. Please check out our onboarding page for further explanation of what that process looks like. Before we start any phase of your project we will give you a detailed explanation of what that phase includes and a price.

We empower all of our clients to make informed decisions for their businesses, and we want you to have the best fit for your needs, even if it’s not with us. We will only engage in services with a client if we can agree, to our mutual satisfaction, that the value of our services always exceeds the price.

Software glitches are rare, but they happen. You own your software and/or your QB Online subscription, and sometimes those tools may require maintenance. Though we may make recommendations regarding the best software fit for your needs, we are not directly affiliated with nor guarantee any particular software.

In the event of service/software issues, we may be able to provide technical support. This may include re-entry of data if you experience data loss. If there is anything you would prefer to do yourself, we will be happy to show you how.

We take your privacy very seriously. All of the Polymath team members sign a Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality agreement regarding the privacy of our clients. Let us know if you would like to see a copy of that document.

We do not want access to your funds. One of our roles as your bookkeeper is to educate you about fraud prevention. We want to ensure that there is never an opportunity for anyone but you to access your money. Having it any other way would be like putting the rabbits in charge of guarding the lettuce! Always question when someone asks you for your sensitive information, particularly in a situation where giving it could result in identity theft or internal fraud.

We may ask for guest access to your online banking with read-only privileges. Please do not ever give your banking, QuickBooks, or email login information to anyone. If you are trusting a member of your staff to print checks for you, be sure that you are still the one that needs to sign them. Better yet, ask us how can help you streamline your accounts payable process while maintaining better internal controls.

There are many simple ways to avoid having your hard-earned money stolen, and prevention is very worthwhile. Please feel free to ask for more information.

You do, Absolutely, and without a doubt or debate. It is important that every business owner has unquestioning access to their financial records. We want to make sure that you are “holding the keys” and are able to make educated decisions for your business. If you know a business owner who does receive this level of service from their account professional, please let them know that their business should never be under someone else’s control.
You can hop on any time you want. In the rare circumstance that we are accessing the exact same transaction at the same time, QBO will simply let one of us know that the other saved their changes first and that we should check in. We would like to request that you do not accept any downloaded transactions for the current month before we are able to reconcile the previous month, as it can make the reconciliation process take longer. However, you have the freedom to work in your QuickBooks and run reports whenever you need to.