GPS – Group Profit Strategies

GPS is our monthly strategy call for tour operators.

Just as your guests depend upon you to assist them in navigating the terrain, translating the language, and safely attempting new things, you can look to Polymath to point you in the right direction on the journey of profitability in your business. We want to make these tools accessible and affordable, even to companies that are just getting started.

Join Polymath and your colleagues in the tours industry for an in-depth discussion where you will gain valuable tools and receive support and feedback to help your business succeed. We employ mastermind techniques in our calls to dive deep into the successes and roadblocks of our participants. We are able to focus more deeply on 1-2 participants each month in a “hot seat” opportunity. Hot Seats fill quickly, so if you have something you would like assistance with specifically, please contact us to claim your spot for our next available call now.

This monthly call is included for tour companies taking advantage of our bookkeeping and advisory services packages. If you’re not currently using our full Guide services, see below for pricing to join the group.

Thanks for making this happen. It was SUPER helpful for me to have an opportunity to share ideas and insights with others in our unique industry. I otherwise don’t have the chance to speak to our tour operators about shared challenges. This is really like gold! Eric Mindling, Traditions Mexico Tours

Why Use GPS?

Incredible value in being in the room with other business owners – You’re not alone!

Shared experience, shared solutions.

You have an expert in the room to offer guidance

You gain valuable advisory services, even if you’re not ready to fully invest in a full Polymath guided relationship.

Meeting Agenda

Wins / Celebrations

Current Challenges, Strategies, and Accountability

Focused learning topic, as time permits

Member Hot Seats

Ah-ha moments, take-aways, and actions to follow up

The challenges in the tours and activities industry are as diverse as the businesses in the industry itself. For example, a walking day-tour will have very different needs than a rafting company, and both of those are very different than a safari company taking multi-day excursions that are generally paid for well in advance. Nonetheless, many of these businesses experience similar challenges with seasonality, weather, risk management, marketing, software, and many other areas, not to mention the politics, rules, and social pitfalls inherent in the tourism industry.

Each member of each call has amazing insight to offer the other members, often in areas where they did not realize they had so much to give. Together we will develop leadership skills, learn to be more effective in our businesses, and create lasting and meaningful relationships with our peers. We are the rising tide that raises all ships.

Many mastermind groups cost upwards of $1000 per month. We wanted this offering to be financially accessible to every tour company. Nonetheless, the tremendous value is there. We encourage you to invest the same time and energy into this meeting that you would if the price were 10 times higher. You will get out of it what you put into it!