The illusion of failure

 If you haven’t already checked out the blog on Choice, I suggest taking a peek at that one first.

The question comes up, what happens when we don’t succeed? Is failure the end result?  When our choices lead us someplace other than our goal, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Goals can change. What do we want?

Do we allow what we want to evolve? If we start to get burned out along our chosen path, it is time to ask ourselves if this is still what we want. If we aren’t sure, we need to allow ourselves the option to reassess our wants and needs. There is no sense in continuing to pursue a goal that is no longer appealing. If we really shot for what we wanted and didn’t get it, what did we learn along the way? Can we try again? What is the next goal, and how can we apply our lessons to this upcoming path.

We are allowed to be disappointed.

Whether or not we allow that disappointment to get in the way of our future success is a CHOICE. By not making the choice, we choose to stay in our crabby, little rut. If we are having a difficult time moving past a disappointment and realigning our energy to a new endeavor, then we need to make the choice to ask for help. Friends, family, mentors, colleagues, coaches, teachers, and, heck, even pets can all be fantastic resources for pushing through our crap and finding the positive. We still need to take responsibility enough to CHOOSE it.

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