Keeping On Task

CertifiedProBadgeIt has been really exciting in the past two months to start implementing all of the changes that Ingrid brought back in a whirlwind of excitement after Scaling New Heights, all the way back at the end of June.  One of the newer tools that we just started using internally is TSheets.  (Check out our page for more information about TSheets.)  The most interesting part for me is how this simple time tracking tool has significantly adjusted my process and my focus at work.  I will admit, only because we are such good friends, that I have had a bad habit of multi tasking.  Multi tasking makes things challenging both in terms of keeping track of how much time you spend on each task as well as knowing whether any time was lost in efficiency in the process.  I tend to err on the side of the client, which means that I have been giving away quite a bit of billable time. (You’re welcome, clients!  We love you!)

LivePlan Logo JEPEGThen, just this week, we got a blog from another one of our great partners, LivePlan. This great blog was about the dangers of multi tasking.  (Check out their blog post here.)  The timing struck a cord with me after about a week of trying out our new time tracking tool.  I had noticed that being clocked into a single task with a total time running made me less inclined to split my time and brain between multiple tasks.  It is always nice to get a little reassurance in my inbox that you I’m moving in the right direction.  Thanks, LivePlan! (Click here to learn more about LivePlan.)

Sometimes getting on track can be as simple as using the right tool.  We now have more and more apps in our back pocket to help businesses with things like time tracking, tracking expenses, creating a business plan, and much more!  Contact us if there is a part of your business that needs more support.  New tech is coming out every day, and we’re in the thick of all of this with you. Thanks for joining us on this fun and rewarding journey!

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