Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online

Keyboard ShortcutsData entry for bookkeeping is very important and it needs to be accurate.  But it can also be very time consuming.  There are some great time saving keyboard shortcuts for QuickBooks Online that will help you get the right date without having to look at a calendar and with only one keystroke!t: today+ (plus key): tomorrow– (minus key): yesterdayw: first day of weekk: last day of weekm: first day of monthh: last day of monthy: first day of yearr: last day of yearmmdd: enter 0621 for June 21m/dd: enter 6/21 for June 21And if you need to look at a calendar you can simply hit the down arrow for a pop up calendar.Want to see more shortcuts?  On any page within QuickBooks Online it Control + Alt + ? to see a pop up of all available keyboard shortcuts for QuickBooks Online.  This shortcut also shows you your company ID if you ever need it quickly when you are on the phone with customer service.

Keyboard Shortcuts

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