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We have an opportunity to recognize someone who has been very influential to Polymath, and we want to do it right. It is time to reward all of his great work with as public of a Thank You as we can muster on our little website and social media circles.

We hereby officially nominate Seth David of Nerd Enterprises, Inc. for the Woodard Network Practice Innovation Award.
Seth David is undoubtedly one of the lead contributors of content and education in the accounting industry, and he has been a huge inspiration to us in our practice. Between his previous leadership and contributions to SchoolOfBookkeeping.com and the ABBO group on Facebook, to his ongoing SchoolOfAnswers.com and NerdEnterprises.com, and his new amazing project, Between Wall and Main, Seth has created an amazing library or resources for us and our clients.
Seth has paved the way for all of us who want to do more to educate our colleagues and clients online. The quality and quantity of educational content that he has created is so tremendous and diverse that, whenever I’m not sure how to do something in regards to educating my audience, I look to his websites first. Heck, I have even gone to check when I get an idea for a video, “I wonder if Seth‘s already done that.” If he has, I’ll just link my blog on the topic to his video, saving me the time and effort of re-creating his masterwork while still helping our audience.
10955630_10153198709702165_7405021840507203462_nDespite his achievements and renown, Seth remains one of the most humble people I have ever met. The first line of his About Seth page of SethDavid.com simply reads, “My name is Seth David and I want to help people.” He is both an icon of servant leadership as well as and example for all of us on how we can monetize our efforts, using healthy boundaries and communication to support others without being taken advantage of. He is always eager to connect on a deep, genuine level with a colleague and find out how he can help them help others. I am so grateful for Seth‘s contributions to our community, and I am honored to be his friend and colleague.

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