Practice Ignition


Manage client relationships, automate your back-office processes, cut admin, eliminate accounts receivable and scale your practice.

If you’re feeling bogged down by dysfunctional systems around proposals, payments, client management, or compliance like we once did… you’ll be just as thrilled to discover Practice Ignition! Our team here at Polymath once dealt with those headaches too, but not any longer, thanks to the amazing minds behind the Practice Ignition software. Here’s a great example, and why we’ve partnered with Practice Ignition to help with our client proposal and tracking process:

Practice Ignition Partner

We’re additionally excited to draw your attention to the fact that Practice Ignition integrates with QuickBooks Online invoicing, saving you more time to do the things that obviously cannot be automated. Spectacular!

Finally, You Too Can Avoid Scope Creep!

Accounting isn’t the only profession where the needs of our clientele expand. Many industries struggle to serve their client base under contract with a specific set of expectations (job description) or set of parameters. The best proposal management systems allow businesses to stay profitable, helping them to avoid scope creep by helping you stay on top of client activity. Polymath has found this to be true of, and applauds Practice Ignition for, the Proposal Management features alone!

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