Polymath’s Mascots


Penny is a small business owner who is always trying to find better ways to run her business.


Penny the Practical Professional was panicky about her perennial paper pest, so she prudently procured a Polymath to police the pricey and perturbing patterns perpetuating her paper problem. The Polymath proficiently and pleasantly provided powerful planning for Penny’s particular predicament, thus producing plentiful progress and profitability to the proud and prosperous professional pioneer.



Check out Ask A Bookkeeper! She has many tips, tricks, and words of wisdom. Even better yet, give her feedback or post a question on our Facebook; a penny for your thoughts is always appreciated!


Polly is a monster that eats money and leaves behind only stress. She lives in dark places, like shoe boxes or file cabinets. She can be tamed if you have the right tools!


She started small with just a few receipts. Soon she grew as more was added each day. Bank statements, bills, notices and so on. Now she seems impossible to wrangle.

She does have one weakness – BOOKKEEPING!