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We get a lot of great newsletters from some pretty fantastic professional networks, app partners, and other business thought leaders. We get so many that I generally just skim them for headlines that catch my eye, and delete them when they don’t. One of my favorites is the LivePlan newsletter.  They have such awesome content that I often derail my current task to chase the shiny article. (Squirrel?) Today was no different.LivePlan

Check out Live Plan’s blog article “30 Underrated Resources to Help You Master Your Small Business Financials.” I saw the headline and thought, “Sounds interesting. I’ll click that!”

Then I saw some of the resources they were suggesting, and my brain started running down rabbit holes of which clients could use some of these great tools. Heck… Polymath could use some of these great tools!

Then I hit #7, and my eyes lit up. I said, “I know them!”

BWAM resources

I am super excited that our friends at Between Wall and Main were included on this list. As I write this, BWAM is still a fairly new project. Seth David and Stacy Kildal just started working on this under a year ago, and they are already gaining a LOT of traction. They have a wonderful closed Facebook group dedicated to supporting small businesses. You can follow their awesome content on Twitter. You can see the archives of their weekly educational Zoom conferences and keep in the loop on the great stuff coming up on Tumblr.

Who knows… maybe when they do their big launch you’ll even see some articles on BWAM from your friendly, local Polymaths. (spoiler alert!)

This is such an exciting time to be a small business, and we love having great partners and resources. Surrender to your inner squirrel and click on everything linked above. You’ll be glad you did!

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