Small town business makes a big impression with giant corporation, Intuit Quickbooks!

In the News! Recent Press Release – January 15, 2016

Small town business makes a big impression with giant corporation, Intuit Quickbooks!

If you’re in business, you’ve probably heard of Intuit. But have you heard of Polymath LLC, located in Ashland Oregon? Polymath is an employee-owned, full-service bookkeeping firm that has recently received the prestigious honor of being named a “Firm of the Future” by Intuit, the QuickBooks Company.Having received the congratulatory email from Intuit, Polymath LLC was asked to accept their prize, in person. The gals at Polymath were bubbling over with excitement and delight, which was contained, by great effort, since they were instructed not to tell anyone until after the official announcement could be made by Intuit.

Intuit started by announcing the top 20 selected for the honor, and began sharing their Firm of the Future contest videos in early September. By early November, the top 3 grand prize winners were announced and featured at the annual Quickbooks Connect conference. Polymath LLC, was among the top 3 to be recognized. The Quickbooks Connect conference is widely attended, and could be considered the event of the year for industry professionals. For the professionals at Polymath, it was indeed. The conference organizers shared Polymath’s video submission while congratulating them with a large check in front of the thousands of accountants and bookkeepers in attendance.

Polymath CEO, Ingrid Edstrom, was then invited to be part of a panel discussion at another conference known as SleeterCon with Jim McGinnis, the VP of ProAdvisor Relations at Intuit. The event included a photo shoot and video interview, which can be viewed by visiting YouTube and searching “Firm of the Future +Polymath” or visiting the following website

“I think my favorite part was the panel discussion” says Edstrom. “It was really fun to share with the other professionals in the room how much of the Firm of the Future contest criteria I had just started working on following Scaling New Heights in June”, a conference just three months prior Edstrom had attended. “Afterward, others were approaching me to thank me, and tell me how inspired they were by the story; I made them feel like they could do it too.”

You can learn more about what makes Polymath a Firm of the Future, by visiting their website

Having a “Firm of the Future” right here in our own backyard says a lot about our community. We’re not afraid of “going big”. It shows that even small town professionals can be on the cutting edge of service, technology, and industry. It demonstrates that we are all capable of great things.

If you enjoy business as well as forward thinking, then gain some traction of your own through the classes offered at Polymath. It’s a good year to get on the path to success.



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