Time Management

Here at Polymath we are right in the middle of our busy season with insanity season fast approaching. One thing that is always important, but especially important when you are busy, is effective time management.

Just last week, I was given this time management matrix. It is a great visual aid to keep in mind when I am prioritizing and planning my schedule.

time management

Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix

The goal is to spend as much time as possible working in quadrant 2. In quadrant 2 you actively plan ahead so that issues are resolved before they become emergencies, and so you don’t waste time on unnecessary tasks.

One thing that I found interesting looking at this chart is that quadrant 2 includes relationship building and quadrant 4 includes chitchat. It is important to develop and maintain relationships with the people you work with, the reality is that you spend more time with them than you do with your family. But, it is also important to keep that time under control and to not veer into idle chitchat, and certainly not destructive communication like gossip.

Think about how you can prepare for your busy seasons. Does that mean getting extra help? Does it mean scheduling and planning your time? Here at Polymath, one way we got a jump-start on our busy season was by contacting all of our clients starting two months ago to schedule year-end meetings. We knew what was coming and we were able to plan for it in advance.

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