Vanessa Barrett

Vanessa has had a varied educational and career path that has led her to Polymath and the fascinating profession of bookkeeping. She started out with an associates degree in Fashion Design but after several years in the industry, she realized that the business of fashion was not the right fit for her. (Pun fully intended.) From there, she started to study computer science while working for a new media cell phone app company. When the recession hit, she ended up moving to Southern Oregon to be with family and return to school again, this time at SOU for a business degree. After SOU, she got a job as an office manager, another not quite right fit, but in that job she discovered a love of bookkeeping. When looking for her next step, she found Polymath. Ingrid specifically wanted someone who was excited about bookkeeping and looking for growth opportunities, so it was a match made in heaven. Since starting with Polymath in May of 2014, Vanessa has learned and grown a great deal and she looks forward to her continuing growth.

Vanessa is currently a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor® and a certified LivePlan Expert Advisor. In addition to these official certifications, she has gained a great deal of experience working in QuickBooks Online Payroll and Intuit Online Payroll. She continues to work with and learn TSheets, Expensify, and Receipt Bank. She excels in explaining bookkeeping to clients in approachable terms without making them feel belittled. This is a skill she did not know she possessed, but now takes great pride in this unrealized ability. She really enjoys working with clients who have a mess or are setting up a new system and have a lot of catch up work to do. She enjoys untangling the mess and getting the numbers into understandable reports that have real meaning.

In January 2016, Vanessa became part owner of Polymath! She says this has been an amazing opportunity that her brain is still adjusting to. Over the next few years she’s looking forward to continuing to grow with Polymath and to networking more with the Southern Oregon business community. On a personal level, she is working towards buying her first home. There are many reasons to be excited about this but she is most excited about the idea of being able to get her own dog!

Vanessa is a very introverted person these days (yet another reason the bookkeeping is a good profession for her). She enjoys quite activities at home, puzzles like Sudoku, sewing and making her own clothes. She is a huge Doctor Who fan and enjoys podcasts such as This American Life and The Moth. When she does make it out of the house, she enjoys live music and tries to make it to a couple OSF plays every year.