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Predictable Success

Many of you know that some things shifted for Polymath following Woodard Events’ 2015 Scaling New Heights conference in New Orleans. One of the primary changing factors for these changes was Les McKeown’s keynote on Predictable Success. That presentation opened up worlds of realizations for me on what we were doing right, where we could improve, and what needed to change to make our dreams come true.

Predictable-SuccessIn Les’s presentation he talked about the 7 stages of a business’ life cycle and the 4 personality types of people that work together (sometimes better than others) throughout those stages. Those 4 personality types are: Visionary, Operator, Processor, and Synergist. Take the Predictable Success Quiz to find out which one you are.

It became clear to me in Les’s presentation that I am a Visionary, and that most of my clients are, too. Most of us started businesses as owner operators, and are working our way toward Predictable Success. Since Scaling New Heights I have been trying to bring many of these ideas back to my clients so that we can assist other businesses to succeed, as well. It is for this reason that I highly recommend watching this 1-hour webinar. It helped me to better understand what I need to do to work with my team in the most effective ways.

At Polymath, we put strong value on our company culture of enjoying our work and supporting each other. By having a strong team, we can provide better services and more enjoyable relationships to our clients. Predictable Success has really helped us learn and understand more about ourselves and our team dynamic. Check it out. I think you’ll find tools with tremendous value.

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